Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Take that you Bitch!!!

Ok...lets talk about porn today!!! I honestly don't really like porn these days because of the way the men treats the women in it. All you hear is "Take that you bitch!!" or "How do you like that, you bitch!!"......Then the ending clip is always, and i mean always, the guy always sputter all over on the poor girls face. Comon porno actor, the least you could do after calling her "Bitch" is hand her a hand towel....and the poor girl can barely see thru her left eye already!!! cannot watch too much porn because if you do, you might think what they do is normal.And that will pose a problem down the road. Don't get me started on the positions....i don't think its easy humping when you have to balance on the bed while holding the poor girl upside-down. The acting also tiga-suku wan!! I beh tahan that also. And who the hell humps for like 1 1/2 hours.....after 5 mins of watching porn, you might as well open up your car engine and see the pistons go up and down. Further more you'll learn how your car engine works. Dem siang i tell you!!'ve seen one porn show, you've seen it all. Except for amateur those a little different but still...sometimes i think women should be treated better in porn shows. Thats my opinion on porn!! Now if you'll excuse me, i have some things i am going to download over the internet!!! :p

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I feel like a dirty boy!! Grrrrowllllll!!!!

I was typing away happily a love letter to my girlfriend, when all of a sudden....... i realize a spot on my hand...............fuck!!!!!
Son of a Crossed Eye Camel!!!!!...what the hell is it??? i went to the web and type out what i suspected it was....and there it was.....ringworm!! the hell did i get it....dem embarassing coz i always associate ringworm with a dirty and unhygenic fella and here i have got it on hand.

So sadly, drag my fat ass to the pharmacy.....ask the pharmacist if its ringworm....the pharmacist saw the spot....move away from me like i had leprosy or something.....and gave me some cream i need to use for a few weeks. Dem....i tell ya....i think i must have gotten it from the fucking YMCA pool or somewhere there!!!
Now i feel like a dirty boy!!!!
Good thing did not get it on top of head or the ahem..ahem area....if not....dem paiseh showing it to the pharmacist!!! Muahahahhahaha!!!!

Btw....the girlfriend story was bogus...i was actually forumming that time!! :p

Saturday, August 27, 2005

How i lost my religion???'s probably a topic on a lot of my friends mind, regarding me and religion. If you are one of them.....let me say dem kay poh ya!! :p Hahahaha!! Just kidding!!

Anyway, i am happy to tell you the tale of how a purple dinosaur lost his religion. I won't go into detalis as to why i choose to become a christain once, but rather tell you the reason why i opt out of it in 1998. There's 2 main reasons:-

1) The same bloody sharing( in biblestudy groups of course), of everybody saying "I want to be like Jesus" every fucking week for years and years and end up acting like assholes. Err...maybe i got a different version of the bible, but i sure don't recall Jesus acting like an asshole in my bible. These buggers go to biblestudy and pratice their holy acting skills in front of the leaders. There is only so much i can take ok....

2) The ever famous...."Why did you not go to church/biblestudy?" or "Can you lead bible study or worship tonight?". If you tell the truth and say "I want to watch X-Files!!" you'll end up getting prayed for by the group. So in order to not to get interrogated with these questions to you week after week after weeek, you have 2 choices....

i) you cook up a lie(death in family is a good excuse but you only have so much to go around...Hahahhahaa!!!) or

ii) you go to biblestudy(and miss X-Files)....and get pissed when assholes says "I want to be like Jesus!!" for you know dem well that there is only so much fart one can smell a night!!...and i miss X-Files for this!!!

Also, this one time, i was literally forced into a room and forced to speak in tongues. Worst still, this person then share with my bible study group that i can speak in tongues. And i was asked to demostrate this "speaking in tongues" to the group. Ughhh!! Dem fucked up i tell you!!

But the ultimate blow came to me in 1998...when i was in UK....i won't say who, but a Christain literally step over my boundry when he/she called up my dorm and "force" me to go to church. I stood my ground and said "No" and the rest is history. I am tired of Christains telling me how i should live my life and what i should do with it.

And after all these years of not having any religion in my life, i have never been a happier person. These days, just listening to 2 christains talking (you know, the praise God talk), i have to excuse myself and leave because its just something i am not use to anymore. Don't get me wrong, i've made some good christain friends over the years and look up to them!!

There....thats the story of how Purple D lost his religion and is not a believer anymore. I am so bloody glad he did!!! :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

Watching X-Files from the start.

I've been a fan of this show since it came out but never got a chance to watch it coz of some religious duties then. I will talk about me loosing my religion one of these days(maybe tomorrow).

In any event, i bought the entire X-Files DVD about 2 years ago but never got round watching it as i was in a DVD colecting frenzy at that time, so no time to commit to watching 9 seasons of that show. But since i got my new TV yesterday, i decided to watch an episode everyday. So i should be finishing it in about 3 - 6 months!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ok...this is it....i need to loose weight!!

First of all...sorry no pic today!! :(
I actually got a good pic but i don't dare to post it coz if the readers open it in the work place,
it may not be appropriate.

Anyway.....i have started my dieting since Monday. Funny thing is that, this plan to loose weight has been in the works since 1992....but then hoor....i kena hand and mouth disease....ya....hand take food and put in mouth and mouth munch and swallow food. Kekekeke!!!

So, on a more serious note, why have i decided to do this now....well, for a simple reason......i am 31, overweight and i have to take care of myself to avoid health complications down the road. Doctor says i show signs of High Blood Pressure...i say no way i am going down that road. Can u imagine, taking blood pressure medication have so many side-effects its fucking scary! I ain't going down that road without a fight!!! I am already excercising regularly so the next logical step is to watch my diet.

To my dear friends, i hope that you too will take care of your health and wish that all of you live a healthy and happy life. Its what we do today that will effect us tomorrow....we may be getting older but we are also getting wiser in life. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nothing to report lately. Tak boleh komplain kat isu "kerja"....nanti kena spy kat babi di bahagian IT....celaka babi betina ini punya bahagian IT.....kalau ada chance, nak tembak mati seekor,seekor babi butuh dengan anak panah...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Asians and Mooncakes!!!

Ok...first part of blog....Asians....i went to the store today, guess what, asians there pissed me off!! More specifically, either Thai shitheads, Vietnamese assholes! Simply got no manners and and bloody rude!!

I dunno, i realize i have big issues with these 2 groups. They are just plain arrogant,loud,rude and inconsiderate.
1) The love hogging the lanes chatting loudly and not making way for you to pass them by...
2) I was looking at some sauce at the rack, one of them just went in front of me and without saying excuse me, stood right in my line of sight and stayed there!!!
3) They make no apologies for their behaviour and i should have just smack them hard on their
head and shove durians up they pee-hole!!

Now mooncakes.....$USD10 for one mooncake? Comon, is it really necessary to rob me in broad daylight like that??? Sigh....i still want to eat it but don't think i can swallow that down.Comon, for $10 i can get me an first class tiramisu or cheesecake that can be shared with my whole office and with change left over!!! Rediculous i tell you....but sadly....temptation too strong...i may have to buy it next week....beh tahan already....:`(

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Friday, August 19, 2005

TV!! TV!! TV!! TV!! No not Transvestite but Television!! :p

Ok.....earlier in this post kena better not say anything i said earlier!!! :p existing TV in my room has serve me for about 5 years and is showing signs of flickering or fuckering(all those porn watching wore it out i think..hhahaahhha.....hmmmm is that true or not ah??) its about time i got myself a new TV. I've wanted the TV for months now(Keep going to the store everyweekend till i know everybody at the store, paiseh already) since i got some gift certificates from signing up for new credit cards a while ago, i broke down and bought myself a 26" Sony Widescreen LCD television. Also got 18 months interests free financing(i love these 0% financing stuff), so i don't feel the pinch buying it...hehehehehe.......

I decide to buy it from an established retailer from New York coz if i buy it from Washington state, i am charge 8.9% sales tax....thats like too much for something like this. Got free shipping also. If there is anything wrong, i can return it to them for free and get a replacement, so i guess, there is nothing to loose. Hmmm.....can't wait to get it next week!!! :)

So not gloomy today....its Friday and got new toy to play with next week!!! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stand up comic!!!

I am very much into listening to stand up comic these days.
They are absoutely hillarious and funny. You definately need to have
an open mind when listening to them. The world surely can do with more
humour these days. Laugh a little, ain't no harm in it. The reason i decide
to put this in my blog today, i was listening to my XMRadio and discovered another
good stand up comic. Mitch Fetal....dem funny i tell you....i don't laugh easily, but this
fella cracks me up. Here is his site with some sample clips if you are interested.

Other favorite stand ups are(You need to check them if you can):

1) Lewis Black (Current events fav. comedian!!)
(, samples under audio and video)

2) Ellen Degeneres(Good stuff i tell you!!)

3) Ron White

4) John Pinette(his being fat jokes are great!!)

5) Margaret Cho

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fuck me!! My doctor is trying to kill me!!!

A few weeks back, i went to the doctor for a regular to schedule for an allergy tests.
So laa..laa..laa..laaa....i went in to see her. Next thing i knew, i was on high blood pressure
medication!!! Piss me off a little. Nevermind.....after taking medication for a few days, i started
developing a dry fucking cough that comes and goes like nobody's business. When it comes, i can't even talk coz my throat was bloody itchy. I know my collegues were irritated by it because they keep asking me why my cough lasted so long.

2 weeks after my first visit, i went back for a follow up.....guess what, i told my doctor about this weird fucking cough i have and she says nevermind, and she did mention about how the blood pressure medication causes cough. So next thing i knew, she prescribe me a more potent version of the drug. Fuck me! Here i am coughing the bejezus out of my life, and she went on not only prescribe be a higher dosage of the drug but for a 90 days supply(Usually its 30 days!!)

So i went online and did a search on that drug she perscribe(Lisinopril) to me and found out that there are people on this drug that cough blood after going on it. Some have been coughing for years....God...i rather die of high blood pressure than having this fucking cough. Sigh!! It will take a few weeks for me to get over this cough......for some people, it takes months!!
Shit...moral of story.....if doctor perscribe you anything, ask for the side-effects and do your research...I've stopped taking the drugs for almost 1 week now and have noticed a huge difference!!!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Fat Ass Pedestrians!!

Went to a store today to get some cereal, was driving in front of the store when i have to make a sudden stop and let a fat arse bitchy lady on the cellphone cross the road.Man, if i have anger issues, would have just step on my accelerator and plow her thru.

She was talking on the cellphone and did not even looked left and right, just walk accross the road. To make my blood boil somemore, she wobble slowly her fat ass accross the street.
I tell you, these type of pedestrians needs to be mowed down to teach them a lesson.

In America, the worst pedestrians are teenagers who thinks they look cool in their baggy pants and stupid backward baseball cap walking at the speed of 1 mile an hour accross the main road. Ugggh.....all i can thing of is GTA!! GTA!! GTA!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ngam! Ngam! Yam!! Mmmmm.......

Highlight for today.....i cooked enough curry to last me 2 days!! I've always love curry and will be curry'fied for the next few days. Dem.....sure looks good in the photo doesn't it. Hmmm.....maybe should go and microwave some again for supper...but then again, getting hope liao.
Anyway, tomorrow's Monday and as always, totally sucked ass!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Shit! Turning to Ah Beng???

Ok....i got to watch Kung Fu Hustle today and damn...that soundtrack of the movie was really good. I find the tunes to some of the Chinese Orchestra music absoutely lovely!! How could this be?? Even worst, i actually went to Itunes and bought the download for the album just because of that music. As i type this, i am on Itunes previewing other Chinese Orchestra music.

I can almost recall like it was yesterday shrugging off any chinese music when my parents listen to them, now its kinda creepy finding myself enjoying it.

Also, when i listen to these music, it makes me feel proud to be chinese(the culture and ect..) but
when i go chinatown and see all the Ah Lians and Ah Bengs, talking in chinese, it just annoys the hell out of me. Sigh......but whatever it is, damn you Chow Sing Chi(Fists is in the air) for getting me hooked on that music on the soundtrack!!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

If ya can't beat em, join them!!!

Shucks, since blogging is kinda like a hot thing these days, why not try it.
You'll never understand something if you don't try it yourself.
So here's my first attempt at this new trend.

Since blogging is sharing of ones personal's my thoughts
on every freaking thing we celebrate every year.
Now you know why the name Gloomville was choosen.