Monday, May 28, 2007

Origin of Gloomville

Originally, Gloomville was conceived on an idea in which i have, whereby i will have a site that will only have a picture of a little village viewed from a distance and the enviroment of that village will change according to the season and events happening around me. I can only visualize this on the top of my head but sadly......i am not an artistic person and thus unable to carry out this idea. The goal is that people will come to the site and see whats going on in the village for that day or week. You know, kinda like how Google change its logo according to events or celebrations. Anyway.....Gloomville came out because when i thought of that idea, it was fall and thus the word Gloom and Village came into the picture. So now you know......:)

The prank on my manager!!

Last week, my manager went for a 2 week holiday and he came back to this!!!
The sad thing was that he enjoyed the prank more than we had fun wrapping up his office!!
As for right now....we have another manager in mind when he goes for his vacation in Mexico.Kekekekekke!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

#@$@#%#^!!! @#$#$$@!!!!

Holy Fucking Shit!!! About time this got updated!!! :p