Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best M&Ms ever!!!!

Was walking thru a candy aisle of a retail store and something catches my eye. M&M's in special packaging. As usual laaa...curious....took a look....ended up with 2 packages in my hand.....needless to say, this has to be the best tasting M&Ms. They are so-so good!!! Next year, when i get back to Msia, definately will try to hunt them down and let some of you taste it. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Only you can save the world! pic ya....dunno how to post picture to the laa.....i really no idea how to even start describing my powers here....let alone envision the image.
If you ever seen the movie Fallen, with Denzel Washington, the villian is cursed to roam the Earth without a form, and he can switch bodies by any contact, making him hard to track...ah...that is how i want my powers to be like.

1) I'm called: Azazel Wannabe(Azazel is the villians name)

2) I will save the world by: Using my abilities creating havoc to my enemies using people around him/her.

3) My mode of transport is: Switching body to body.

4) My archnemesis is: Solid State Man....he piss me off!!
5) My kryptonite is: Temptation....go figure out this one yourself!!! :p

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Got the Jesus Phone

Yesterday, getting the Iphone 3G was the last thing on my mind. Then all of a sudden, a email about IT policy that states that you tak boleh tengok anything outside of work and no webmail.....i told myself...."Screw It!!", actually i said more than screw it, as if i don't have my own ways to do what i want. Don't like to be told what i should or should not do. So just went ahead and got one of these babies!!! I got the 8G version and i have to say, there is a reason why its dubbed the Jesus phone. Love that thing. Facebook easily integrated into Iphone and 3G surfing speeds is quite good. Not as fast as my home broadband, but still pretty impressive for a wireless device. If you go to my facebook page, you can see a picture i uploaded(view from my office), using this phone. Facebook integrated into the phone, very nice!!! And oh...i have not forgotten about a superhero's meme from goatplanet.....:p

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7 things i hate about the gym.

Lets see....i've been going to the gym 3-5x week and here are my thoughts about my observations in the note to make,i not making any of these up.....

1) Look at the pic above.....why does one, fat females especially, wear clothing that make you look like that. For the love of God.....WHY??? I have nothing againsts fat people......but i have problem with fat people who thinks they are Playboy material.....sheesh......lets move on....

2) Again, females....why oh why do you bother working out if you are going to use the weight machine with a resistance of 5lbs....why bother at all. And oh.....5lbs is nothing...stop pretending like you are lifting 100lbs....

3) This next one includes male and female......stop sitting at the resistance training machine and day dream.

4) For males, please don't grunt like a mofo lifting 300lbs.....i hope your muscle tears and that'll teach you to be stupid.

5) Next one females, while using the threadmill, Xtrainner or the bicycle thing, please don't chat on the cellphone. Its rude and i can see why your boyfriend left you, you blabber mouth!!!

6) Couples who workout together.....please don't be lovy dovey to each other while working out.....she don't look that great and i don't like your face......

7) Gossiping while working out with your friend. STOP IT!!!! Workout more and talk/giggle less.

8) Guys, stop looking at yourself in the mirror every 5 mins......your muscle aint' going to grow that fast. Your muscle may look great but trust me, your face is the problem!!

Sigh.....have to go to the gym tomorrow!!! Waaaaaaa!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Guess what i spotted??

Wandering thru my local grocery store, i saw this!!! How could i not buy it and see what the heck is it. So anyway, here is the can......

And here is how it looks like inside. Its taste reminds me of a fruitcake or something.
Was curious how the name came about and after doing some googling, found out that the word dick came from the word pudding. So i guess after some mutations of the word pudding, it became puddink, then puddick and finally it was cut short and became dick. Thus dick is an English short for pudding. And the spotted is because of the raisins...thus spotted dick was the name it was given. Pretty interesting i must say. There you have it, a lesson in history.

Anyhow, here is what it looked like inside.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Officially a resident of Canada.

Got my Canadian PR card today. Sigh!! If only its the US one!!!Well, we'll see what happens next year. If i get it, then it will be pretty cool having 2 residency in 2 countries. Would be even cooler if can maintain both my residency and can get 2 passports out of it. Then i would have 3 passports!!!So when get to the immigration, like in credit card commercial, just flip out a wallet and ask the immigration officer to pick one. Kahkahkahkah!!! :p

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've lost myself

Since i got back from Msia, my mental state has changed.Its been 3 months plus and i can't for the life of me explain whats wrong.I have loose all sense of urgency about things and i have lost my sensitivity towards other people's feelings. I am not me anymore.....i don't know where this new state will lead me to. To the nut-house? I don't know.But for now, i will continue to get a grip of my surroundings.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Toy Again!!! All because of Bush!!!

Got myself a new 40" Sony LCD TV a few days ago. I blame this on President Bush......He refunded $600 bucks of my tax money and make me gatal want to buy something. So after much scratching, i think i would like to have a new TV.....the old one 26" just ain't cutting it. Now the next thing is a wife to stop me from making these purchases.....then again, hmmm....have to re-evaluate my statement. I've been busy playing GT Turismo and enjoying it very much with all its hi-def glory. So....yeah...thats where i've been most week as well, in front of this thing.
So back to my racing.......

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kena Meme......

Meme tag by Sila...

1. To watch or participate?
Depends on what laaa....make money or play with nekid chicks, participate.......going to meetings, watch!! :p

2. Malls, catalog shopping, or the Internet?
Whichever offers me the best deal i will go for that. But catalog's normally sucked in terms of prices.

3. A bath or shower?
Shower....a bath is too slow..but if got nekid chicks....then bath, then again, shower also ok!! Muahahahhahaha!!!

4. To talk to people by telephone, in person or by e-mail?
People i like, in person....people i want to say screw off, email...and CC everybody on it.

5. Typing or writing?
Whats writting?

Nobody to tag...coz all i want to tag did this liao.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Aluminium foil meme.....

Ok.....since you all like to meme other is one for you......aluminum foil yourself and post it on you blog...and tag 5 other people!!! Lets see who can be most creative!!! And you know what.....dun care if i get meme defination wrong also!!! Have fun people!!! :p

My victims......
1) Lilian
2) Li Lian
3) Sila/Hisham....both must do!!! Yay!! 2 for the price of one!!! :p
4) Precious Pearl
5) Kamkuey......if he reads this damn blog at all!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My thumbs hurt!!!

Ok....what have i been up to?? Been busy playing Mario Kart for the Wii. Oh My goodness, i can't remember having this much fun playing a bloody game. Literally hooked on this thing!! Nintendo really knows how to make games. The response of using the wheel is spot on and very,very accurate. Just like driving a car.

Here is the box the thing came in....The wheel you see if the side pointing outwards from me.
Its pretty small but it works beautifully.

This is the side facing me. My hands very big hoor....:p

Anyway, i really had fun playing this thing and wish i can share playing this thing with all my friends back home. It will be a so much fun just imagining all of us playing this!!! :)


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sharing some music.......

I've been "turun"loading a lot of songs lately thru newsgroups and with the help of Itunes, i've got tons of "turun"loads. Anyway, here are some songs which i have not heard over the air-waves here in the states. Since my taste of music is all over the board, the songs here are from everywhere.

Until June - Sleepless( i think its catchy)

Carla Bruni - Quelqu'un m'a dit (Kekekekke!!!! Very relaxing song)

Cheb Khaled- Aicha(French???)

Jashn e bahaara(Dun normally like Indian songs, but this one quite nice)

Ok....only 4 songs for now, too bad kenot share mptiga.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going Hi-Def

After a year or so, i finally took the step and decided its time to upgrade my TV viewing to Hi-Def.
Not all channels are Hi-Def, only select few but its the select few that i watch the most.
I can say that the pictures look really clean and crisp. I'm seeing highlights on my news-casters
i never seen before. Can see the color of their eyes and can really see if they had a pimple or a cut on their face. Watching National Geographic, Discovery and especially Food Network is such a joy. Total cost for the unit(on lease) is $169 plus $10 extra a month for hi-def content. Not too bad.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Returning home after 10 years.

Sorry for the very,very long silence. As most of you know where i have been for the whole month of February, i really did not get a chance to update anything. Worst still, i currently have a mental condition that made everything feels like a dream. Its called "depersonalization". I just return from seeing a doctor today and have been referred to see a neurologists next week. I now understand how it feels to have a mental problem and its a very real feeling. You really do not have control over how you feel. In actual fact, if i could control this dream like feeling, it would work to my advantage as i really do loose all sense of emotions and will go into a trance like situation. I literally can block every single distraction and just concentrate on only one thing. So at least now you know why i am so quiet after 3 weeks back here.

In the meantime, returning home was good. I was glad to see my parents and fellow friends.
Malaysia has change so much. But i think the infrastructure change, unfortunately, the society's driving mentality has not. In fact, i think its worst. I thought when i went to Boston, the drivers were bad but boy was i wrong. I cringe everytime i am on the highway.

Another thing that unknowingly happen to me is that i have become a foreigner to my own home country. After 10 years of adapting life to the west, what comes normal to me is not normal back home. Take for example, when going out on the first day in Sitiawan, i went straight away put on socks and shoes and follow my parents to the market. WTF was i thinking. Can you imagine how dorky i look like in the market? But i was not even thinking, i just did it because for the past 10 years, that is what i have been doing. I slowly adjusted and started wearing slippers. I've got more stories to tell but for now, here is a special treat for all of you who reads my blog.
A video of my parents reaction of not knowing of my return. was great seeing most of you back home. Will come home again next year. :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kanada Part Deux

Got this in the mail today. My second Canadian residency today. This time i better make sure i don't get the expiry date wrong. Expiration reads 26 JUNE 08.....right? Tell me i am reading it correctly.
The last time i read it US style so i kinda mess up my entry into Canadian. But before i go up north to be a resident there, i am going to make a homecoming trip back to Sitiawan. I still need to get my papers in my hand(its been approved), so hopefully i can finalize everything by end of this month. Kinda excited to see fellow forummers. There are so many i would like to meet up with but i don't think i have the time to go see all. Oh well, i'll figure out a way.
In any event, i'll keep you all posted. But....pssst....dun tell my parents, planning to show up for dinner un-announced. Kekekekekekkee!!!