Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fatty interested in Kiteboarding???

After 8 years living where i live, i found out that there was a man-made island that is about 5 miles away from me that is frequent by many locals. To go to the island, you take a 3 1/2 min free ferry ride. Anyway....i went there this weekend and saw some people kiteboarding. Damn....that looks like something i can take up. Sure looks like hell lot of fun and pretty cool activity. Now i really want to try it out but afraid because its an extreme sport and fatty a bit paiseh to take it up. But it sure looks like fun. year....i go ahead and pick up that sport. Need to save some money for the gears and at least a course to get myself familiarized with the sport. Watch comes a flying dinosaur!!! Kekekekkekee!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Colorado No More!!!

Whoooo Hoooo!!! No need to go liao!! No need to go liao!!
Was reluctant to go in the first place because if i had gone....means have to spend 2 weeks cleaning up other people's system and from what i heard its a mess over at that project. Turn over of the analysts on that project is high because they don't know the system well and seems unable to handle it. So i feel happy not going. But do want my balloon ride a little though but year i go there myself for summer!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Going to Colorado on Monday.

Got a call this evening and was told that i needed to go to Colorado to help out another project for 2 weeks. Sigh....don't like working assignments like this but no choice...have to go. Went online and see whats there to offer and found that there is a hot balloon ride there....costs about $200...hmmmmm...very tempting to experience a once in a lifetime any event....will definately make full use of the time there. Hopefully, if i go on the disaster will happen.