Thursday, June 29, 2006

Backseat Driver Manual.

Every once in a while, an ad catches your eye and you go like....Wow, now thats creativity. I was flipping thru my Wired magazine and came across this ad by VolksWagen. Its a manual for Back Seat Drivers. Normally i would just throw this out but this time...VW did it. This is the manual itself.

Its absoutely hilarious when you read thru the manual. You get trained as your responsibility as a backseat driver. Some of the responsibilty includes:
1) Food Distribution.
2) Blind Spots.
3) Car to car communication.
4) Monitoring Fluid Intake.
If you have the entire manual. Its a blast to read.

Of course...after all your trainning, you must have a certification and
in the manual, it comes with a ID card that states you are the official backseat

VW definately hit a home run with this promo. I've even called them up today to ask if i can obtain more copies of the manual so that i can send to friends.
So if you want one(no promises), sign up and i'll try to see if i can get you a copy.
I think its great for a company defensive driving trainning or something.