Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kanada Part Deux

Got this in the mail today. My second Canadian residency today. This time i better make sure i don't get the expiry date wrong. Expiration reads 26 JUNE 08.....right? Tell me i am reading it correctly.
The last time i read it US style so i kinda mess up my entry into Canadian. But before i go up north to be a resident there, i am going to make a homecoming trip back to Sitiawan. I still need to get my papers in my hand(its been approved), so hopefully i can finalize everything by end of this month. Kinda excited to see fellow forummers. There are so many i would like to meet up with but i don't think i have the time to go see all. Oh well, i'll figure out a way.
In any event, i'll keep you all posted. But....pssst....dun tell my parents, planning to show up for dinner un-announced. Kekekekekekkee!!!