Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going Hi-Def

After a year or so, i finally took the step and decided its time to upgrade my TV viewing to Hi-Def.
Not all channels are Hi-Def, only select few but its the select few that i watch the most.
I can say that the pictures look really clean and crisp. I'm seeing highlights on my news-casters
i never seen before. Can see the color of their eyes and can really see if they had a pimple or a cut on their face. Watching National Geographic, Discovery and especially Food Network is such a joy. Total cost for the unit(on lease) is $169 plus $10 extra a month for hi-def content. Not too bad.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Returning home after 10 years.

Sorry for the very,very long silence. As most of you know where i have been for the whole month of February, i really did not get a chance to update anything. Worst still, i currently have a mental condition that made everything feels like a dream. Its called "depersonalization". I just return from seeing a doctor today and have been referred to see a neurologists next week. I now understand how it feels to have a mental problem and its a very real feeling. You really do not have control over how you feel. In actual fact, if i could control this dream like feeling, it would work to my advantage as i really do loose all sense of emotions and will go into a trance like situation. I literally can block every single distraction and just concentrate on only one thing. So at least now you know why i am so quiet after 3 weeks back here.

In the meantime, returning home was good. I was glad to see my parents and fellow friends.
Malaysia has change so much. But i think the infrastructure change, unfortunately, the society's driving mentality has not. In fact, i think its worst. I thought when i went to Boston, the drivers were bad but boy was i wrong. I cringe everytime i am on the highway.

Another thing that unknowingly happen to me is that i have become a foreigner to my own home country. After 10 years of adapting life to the west, what comes normal to me is not normal back home. Take for example, when going out on the first day in Sitiawan, i went straight away put on socks and shoes and follow my parents to the market. WTF was i thinking. Can you imagine how dorky i look like in the market? But i was not even thinking, i just did it because for the past 10 years, that is what i have been doing. I slowly adjusted and started wearing slippers. I've got more stories to tell but for now, here is a special treat for all of you who reads my blog.
A video of my parents reaction of not knowing of my return. was great seeing most of you back home. Will come home again next year. :)