Monday, November 20, 2006

Wiiiii!!! Toys!!!!!!

Ok.....i made a good chunk of change from the sale of the PS3's. Lets see, i sold it the morning i collected the unit and got paid on the spot. Whats sad was that, the very next day, the profit margin on Ebay for PS3's drop about $500 bucks. Total time, i hold the PS3's for about 20 seconds because the buyers wanted to follow me to the store to collect it.I guess i got lucky by dumping those ASAP before the price crash. But in any event, with the money i made, i bought a Nintendo Wii, a notebook and a future PS3 when its easier to get it on the market. Wiiiiiiii!!!!

My new Nintendo Wii....

Nintendo's controllers, a wii-more and nanchucks!!

My arms are actually sore from playing it because you move the controllers to trigger movement from the screen. Currently i am playing Zelda and its pretty fun.

And finally, my notebook.....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Playstation 3 update!!

Ooooh....this is very exciting. Since i put my PS3's online, i have been getting offers like mad. I won't say how much now coz i am closing the deal with people tomorrow.
But as of now, all i can say is that my profit is about 1 pay checks worth. Will update tomorrow. I've also ordered Nintendo Wii, and if that one is in demand also, i probably sell it as well. :)