Monday, October 24, 2005

What the F is Ju-Ju-Be??

What the fuck is Ju-Ju-Be?? Thats my thought when i was in the asia store yesterday and saw a lot of people picking up this up. Ok...its a fruit but what is it? So anyway, i thought if so many people buying it, it must be i bought $1.49 a pound, i really can't go wrong. And when i got home, i quickly open up the package and pop one into my mouth.....damn.....its damn nice.....light and sweet....reminded me of jambu taste. Then i took another one out and it tasted familiar.....and then it finally hit on me...this is the fresh Chinese Red Dates. You know the one you put into peanut soup and such. So now i know how fresh chinese dates taste like and i like it. I am begining to suspect that jambu and this fruit are related.......

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Blame Canada!! Blame Canada!!

Everytime someone mentions Canada, i am always reminded of South Park the Movie, Blame Canada song!! So that explains the title for today's blog. But it does not explain why i choose Canada today. Well, my attorney just informed me that my application for a Canadian PR has been approved and that i can land and work in Canada anytime after my passport is being stamped. This means that in any event that i get laid off or if anything should happen on the US side, i can always hope over the border and see how it is. I don't really intend to return home to Msia but then again, if i have enough money to pay off a house in Msia and car......may consider moving back. If the house and car is paid off, all your income is basically yours and life should be pretty good after that.......So YAY! i got my Canadian PR(backup plan) and that also puts me in a better position job wise....:)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Back to work tomorrow!!! Waaaaa!!

After 2 weeks of not dealing with any work related stuff, its with a heavy heart to say that it has all come to an end. Oh well, i had a good break and also kinda bored of not having much to do with my free time. But fear not....i will be having another week of vacation at the end of November for Thanksgiving. Definately looking foward to that one for sure. Oh well, all good things must come to and end. Also, you may also notice that i put ads in my blog now...i don't think i will get any money from it coz traffic quite slow but what the heck....just for the fun of it ok....:p

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Got tickets to Def Leppard and Bryan Adams

Ever since 1987, i've always wanted to attend the concert by Def Leppard. I missed my opportunity when they came to Malaysia in 1994 because was a broke student when i got back from vacation this week, was looking what's going on round where i live, to my surprise, i saw that Def Leppard is performing in a stadium less than 2 miles where i live. At first i hesitated because of the $59 dollar ticket price, but then again, i figure, when can i have a chance again to see these guys perform live. I also use to like Bryan Adams back then and he's performing with them. So basically 2 concerts for the price of one.....Sigh....only sad thing is that i will be going alone for this one because i don't think any of my friends would like them but who the heck cares, i am still going despite all of this.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Home sweet home!!

After 6-7 hours of plane ride, i am finally home. Sigh!!! So nice to be home with all my stuff and my realible broadband!!!! I still have one week to kill, so thats a good thing. Have not figure out what i want to do this week, was thinking about going downtown Seattle and do a little exploring but when i look at what is there to do....reality hits me....nothing to do.....all the sights i have been to is pratically boring as hell. Hmmm......but i'll figure out something!!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fog-get it!! I'm Leaving!!!

Ok.......make the decision today to cut short my vacation 3 days. Why? Look at the picture on top, rain,rain,rain and more rain. And it'd never did stop raining. I would put this vacation i had as a so-s0 one. First, fall colors like premature ejaculation, the coast of Maine like watching porn instead of having sex...... and the rest of the trip like impotency of old age. Weather will be like this in New England for the whole week and into next week!!! What can i do? I have to either stay in hotel or get wet visiting these places!! Sigh!!! So woke up this morning, cancel all my other reservations and heading off home to Seattle tomorrow. Dem fuck up i tell ya. Oh well, at least i've see a little fall foilage, tasted so much lobster till i am tired of it and saw a scenic lighthouse in Maine. Better than nothing.....but at the end of the day, my vacation could have been so much better. All George Bush's fault!!!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Had a great time today.

Finally, after much digusts, i had a good day.To my surprise, there is a lighthouse in Portland about 8 miles from my hotel, which had the most pretty lighthouse in US. I am glad i brought along my travel books. The sight of this lighthouse is fantastic and this makes up for all the fustration i had yesterday!!! Was so happy to have found this one!!

To add to a perfect day, i met up with Sila in New London. It was a surprise as i didn't know she was that close to the hotel i was staying at. She went out of her way to find me a great seafood place named Abbot's. This is probably the authentic seafood you get in New England. Glad i had it and the great hosts make it even better. Thanks Sila.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Holiday going down the drain!!!! holiday is going down the toilet. Why???
First of all, the fall colors not really there yet, today, wanted to see lighthouse and coast of Maine and guess what happen??? Fog!!! Fuck i tell you. Came all the way and can't see jack shit on the coast. The lighthouse also cannot see. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Tomorrow, driving down to Connecticut to New London.....suppose to meet up with Sila but not sure if i can make it there on time or not. Anyway, also i am fed up of lobsters now. Had lobsters stew for lunch and then lobster rolls for tea time. I don't want to eat anymore lobsters......waaaaaa!!!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Finally seeing some real fall colors....

Went of a 5 hour train ride today and the views were pretty good. I can't imagine how nice it would look when fall is in full bloom. Maybe need to go back and visit this next year again. In any event, it was very need to think of work or anything....nice!!! Anyway, here is a nice picture which i took today. Enjoy!! :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Some stuff i kena tag by Lilian about.

See....i was reflecting on the trip today!!!

Where i was 10 years ago
Hmmmm....10 years ago, i was 21....that means i will be in APIIT first yeardoing my diploma in Business Apps right after i finish my Hotel and Catering Diploma.Yeah...a lot of changes, but so far, best damn move i make.

Where i was 5 years ago
After i finish up my Bachelor in UK, i decided to try my luck in getting a jobin the US. How i got it??? Long story short, i got into a programming courseand thus it provided me with the opportunity to work after i completed my course.Although its not the best paying job in my opinion, but i think my collegues and bosses have been supportive of my immigration status thus far. So i think i amfortunate to have what i have now. :)

Where i was 1 year ago.
In my cubicle working...not very exciting....
Where i was yesterdaySpend most of my time in the aircraft heading to the east coasts of the United States.Where will i be tomorrow.New Hampshire, hopefully riding the train and snapping nice pictures of the White Mountains.

Five snacks i enjoy
- Chex Mix
- Potato Chips.....ahhhh.....but not too often..
- Asian junk the prawn crackers.....
- Dried sotong.....- Granola

Five singers (or bands) for whom I know the lyrics to most of their songs
- The Cranberries (Dreams is one of my fav tunes till today)
- Enya (Love her voice)
- The Eagles
- Natalie Imbruglia - only like one song Torn but i like her too...wink...wink
- Def Leppard.....

Five things I would do with $100,000,000
- But some nice properties worlwide....Europe Greek Islands sounds nice..
- Make sure family members and close friends are taken care of.
- Invest at least 1/2 of that money
- Would love to help out students with great potential but have financial problems to succeed in their dreams, coz i believe that its these people who would in turn able to help the others less fortunate than them.
- Buy toys for making kids happy. :)

Five locations i would like to run away to
- Japan
- Europe
- New Zealand
- Australia
- China

Five bad habits i have
- Lazy bastard i am
- Dirty bastard i am
- Eating too much bastard i am
- Compulsive buyer bastard i am
- Can't make up my mind in what i want to do bastard i am

5 TV shows i like
- The Daily Show with John Steward
- Frasier
- X-Files
- Carnivale
- Friends

5 famous people i'd like to meet
- Sammi Cheng....wink...wink....
- Jeniffer Aniston.....she's soooo pretty
- Anthony Hopkins
- Enya of course
- Sean Connery.....Don't tell me you don't like Bond when you were a kid...

My biggest joys
- Being in the US
- Having a job that have flexible hours
- Being single...yeah...can pretty much do whatever i want with my time

My fav. toys
- My Sony PSP....can't live without it
- My personal computer
- My Ipod

Five people to tag
None...coz those i want to tag kena tag also...:(

Sunday, October 02, 2005

New England vacation.

My first vacation for the year. Was hoping to see the fall foilage in New England but i think i came too early and trees were pretty damn green. Sigh!!! and learn.
Anyway, i hope to blog more on this trip but shall see how it is. Got lost while trying to find the hotel today. Boston International Airport is very,very confusing. I landed at about 6.00pm and somehow got to my hotel at 8.00pm coz the dem road has so many bloody turns. Anyway, enjoy the view from the Harbor....from a further distance than the pic in the forum. ;p