Sunday, September 23, 2007

After 9 years......look what i found!!!

Went to Asia shop...found Hu-Mau-Tan!!! Straight away buy!! $3.50 for 6....nevermind laaa.....very worth it....not as good as i am use to but not awful also..... :p.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pindah Pejabat!!!

After 7 years commuting 33 miles each way, my office will be moving to a new location much,much closer to my home. If you enlarge the pic above, that will give you a little perspective of the distance. Well, thats about 10 miles off my daily commute. Thus that equates to 20 miles each way, 100 miles each week, 400 miles each month, roughly about $30 savings in gas each month. Hhahahahahaa......but the thing i am happy most about this move is that i will finally have my own office. No more prairie dogging as a cubicle dweller and no more hearing personal conversations of office colleagues and best of all, i can at least play some music over my speakers. Its not that big of an office but at least its my own personal space whereby i can shut the door if i want to make a personal calls. Will snap a pic of my office when i get the opportunity to do so. :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Robotic Kit No-More

After sitting there for a few weeks, i decided to go ahead and return my lego robotic kit. Why? Well, after much thought, i figure i really don't have that much time to play around with that. Considering you have to assemble and re-program the toy, i dem lazy to go and do that. Furthermore, with the Ipod Touch getting my attention, i think i will re-allocate my funds and get the Ipod instead. Sigh!!! So much to buy so little funds. more robot kit.....but with me....maybe i will go buy it again when the price is right!!! :p

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I lurve Amy Winehouse!!! Not!!!

I thought it was very-very well done. I had quite a laugh.