Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wrinkle cream that works??

Ok.....was looking myself in the mirror the other day and notice some wrinkles under my i was curious if those commercials about such cream would work. Anyway, went online and found out that Neutrogena one has rave reviews. I normally don't believe these crap so in order to satisfy my curiosity.....i head over to Bartells(drugstore) and bought me one of this.....So i put it on....its now day 4 and guess bloody works......i don't believe bloody works.....of course i don't have old people wrinkles but i can clearly see the lines all you ladies who are reading this......i am being a guinea pig here for you and i am telling you this thing works. The cream does make your skin more feel sensitive(like a little burning sensation) but its head out and get rid of thos wrinkles....Oh it costs me $15.99......

Friday, December 16, 2005

Nude picture of me!!

Ok laaa...after much pressure for you guys, i decided to post a naked picture of me. Hope you find it attractive!!! Mind you, it took a lot of guts to do this for all of you to see!! Btw, my balls is behind my penis!!! I think if you click the picture, you get a bigger one. Anyway, hope you all are happy now. Don't fantasize about me ok.... :p

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Got my Christmas present!!

I finally got my Christmas present today. I have always wanted to get a compact light camera, you know, the one where i can actually fit in my front pocket and take it anywhere i go. So today, i was surfing the web, i stumble upon some coupons which basically brought the camera down to $300. So i bit the bullet. So far.....its a great little camera(Casio Exilim- EXZ750. Its a very nice camera and i am glad with the results. This means i may be posting more pictures on my blog since i can carry this around. Maybe pics of food...hehehe.... Anyway, now that shopping's done...i may just take this camera for a spin this weekend. Should be interesting!!! :)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Return of the White Shit of Washington!!!

Ok....finally.....the white shit sticks!!! And i went out in my shorts to write something on the pavement. Muahahahhaaha!! Yes it was cold but i was too lazy to put on my long just hurry up and take a picture. I am glad i am not working today. Hate driving in the snow. Some of the snow already turn into slush and its sure is dirty. Anyway.....i left my mark in the snow i am going back to take a nap and eat some Triscuit!!!