Monday, November 20, 2006

Wiiiii!!! Toys!!!!!!

Ok.....i made a good chunk of change from the sale of the PS3's. Lets see, i sold it the morning i collected the unit and got paid on the spot. Whats sad was that, the very next day, the profit margin on Ebay for PS3's drop about $500 bucks. Total time, i hold the PS3's for about 20 seconds because the buyers wanted to follow me to the store to collect it.I guess i got lucky by dumping those ASAP before the price crash. But in any event, with the money i made, i bought a Nintendo Wii, a notebook and a future PS3 when its easier to get it on the market. Wiiiiiiii!!!!

My new Nintendo Wii....

Nintendo's controllers, a wii-more and nanchucks!!

My arms are actually sore from playing it because you move the controllers to trigger movement from the screen. Currently i am playing Zelda and its pretty fun.

And finally, my notebook.....

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Playstation 3 update!!

Ooooh....this is very exciting. Since i put my PS3's online, i have been getting offers like mad. I won't say how much now coz i am closing the deal with people tomorrow.
But as of now, all i can say is that my profit is about 1 pay checks worth. Will update tomorrow. I've also ordered Nintendo Wii, and if that one is in demand also, i probably sell it as well. :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sitiawan mentality rawks!!!

Coming from a very money minded is a story of a local Sitiawan boy's adventure in Seattle yesterday.Ok....i came back from the gym yesterday at around 7.15pm....put some smoked mussels into the microwave, ate my dinner and proceed to the computer. I checked some videogame bulletin boards and found out that videogame shops are taking pre-order for PS3 the next day. What did i do?? Out of curiosity......i called one of the shops and they told me that they are having a midnight pre-order and there was no line because not many people know about it. I literally stop forumming and dash out the door. I got to the shop at about 8.00pm and i was first in line. Whooo Hooo!!! Hang out with some really cool Uni kids there soon afterwards. Anyway, at 12.01 am......i got my orders in.

Anyway, i went home and went to bed. Got up at about 6.00am....shaved and shower, and am on my way to the mall again to go to another store to pre-order a PS3. Malls here opened up early for people to do morning walks in them. Thus after driving around the mall a couple of times, i ask security where is the entrance for the walking walks and was shown the way. Anyway, i turn the corner and Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! there was no one in line and i was first in line again!!!!! Life is good.

Now for those of you who don't know, new videogames launch are hot commodities during Christmas time. Xbox360 went for almost 3-4x its retail price on Ebay. So the reason i am doing this is i hope to make some extra money selling them. Its been predicted that price could go as high as $2000 for each console on Ebay. Too bad i can't be at 2 places at one time coz i would have ordered more. Oh....i put down $100 and the PS3 is going to cost $600. Oh....called my boss this morning telling him i am not coming in today. Hehehhehehehe.....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Got a free Ipod!! Yeeee Hawww!!

Got the new Ipod Nano 2G for free last week. How? Well, one of the banks here had a promotion whereby if you open a checking account with them,they give you one for free.
So i deposited in $50 and get a $150 dollar gift!! How cool is that??
Use to have an Ipod but sold it....but since this was free.....why not? is good!!! :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

To all my coupled friends back home!!!

Every since i went overseas in 98, i would have to say that i have missed all of my friends wedding back home. Its really no big deal but when i think about it but i do wish i could have attended some weddings.I have to me money from kena-ing saman!!! Hhahaahhaa.....To all of my friends that have wedded over the years, here's a long overdued "Congratulations!!" for having found your best friend.

To future ones.....sorry ah....still kenot attend.....but i do wish you well.
But for all the weddings that i've missed, i hope to attend your wedding anniversary down the road though!!! Here a wish of all good things to you all!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I want a Tag so baaaad......but like my money better!!

I've always like Tag Heuer watches, especially the one shown on top. As nice as it is, i just could never justify the USD$1200 price. I think it costs too much for a time piece that tells me the time. Would you buy a watch for that price?
But.....i've made myself a deal.....if i ever get my greencard in my hands, i will go ahead and buy a Tag for myself as a gift for finally reaching one of my life's goal.
I will wait patiently for it then. Sheesh.....all my life been waiting for that thing!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Waaaaa!!! Getting old!!!!!

Went to the mall this evening and walked for 1 1/2 hours non-stop. Legs started to get sore...back start aching.....sniff! sniff!! getting old pain...there sad. When i finally sat down....feels like a 1000 year old body resting...feels so bloody good. Worst thing of all....i am only 32....Waaaaa!!!!!
Somemore workout 4x a week....still feel like shit after walking like that!!!
Remind me to not go hiking for i will end up dead in the tracks!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


As most of you know, i was active in church at one point in time.
With that in mind.....i would say that 90% of my friends back home in Msia are till today, i think, practicing Christains. So i was looking thru some pictures and the thought came into my mind....would these friends of mine still treat me as who i am.
Especially those who i knew thru the ever famous DUMC church. I've know a lot of people from there and if i ever return home, i would love to see them again but would they overlook the fact that i do not share the same belief as them anymore. I know of some good friends that i am sure that will still be my friends no matter what. But till then....only time will tell......:)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

God of Abraham and world peace?

Saw an article in the Seattle Times today that
pretty much sums up how i felt after going thru my own
life experience in regards about the main religions of the world.
So far...buddhists are the most peaceful one around imho.

Jewish Federation, Hezbollah, Mel Gibson, the war in Iraq, 9/11, Taliban, Northern Ireland, Aryan Nation, Bosnia, apartheid, Iran, the Mossad, the Six-Day War, the Holocaust, missionary abuse of indigenous people, Spanish Inquisition, Crusades, on and on and on.

The Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths all derive from worship of the God of Abraham. Taken together, these three religions have offered nothing but war, death and destruction for some 3,000 years.

Fear not the WMDs. Fear the people who claim to know God.

— Steven Black, Burien

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fatty interested in Kiteboarding???

After 8 years living where i live, i found out that there was a man-made island that is about 5 miles away from me that is frequent by many locals. To go to the island, you take a 3 1/2 min free ferry ride. Anyway....i went there this weekend and saw some people kiteboarding. Damn....that looks like something i can take up. Sure looks like hell lot of fun and pretty cool activity. Now i really want to try it out but afraid because its an extreme sport and fatty a bit paiseh to take it up. But it sure looks like fun. year....i go ahead and pick up that sport. Need to save some money for the gears and at least a course to get myself familiarized with the sport. Watch comes a flying dinosaur!!! Kekekekkekee!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Colorado No More!!!

Whoooo Hoooo!!! No need to go liao!! No need to go liao!!
Was reluctant to go in the first place because if i had gone....means have to spend 2 weeks cleaning up other people's system and from what i heard its a mess over at that project. Turn over of the analysts on that project is high because they don't know the system well and seems unable to handle it. So i feel happy not going. But do want my balloon ride a little though but year i go there myself for summer!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Going to Colorado on Monday.

Got a call this evening and was told that i needed to go to Colorado to help out another project for 2 weeks. Sigh....don't like working assignments like this but no choice...have to go. Went online and see whats there to offer and found that there is a hot balloon ride there....costs about $200...hmmmmm...very tempting to experience a once in a lifetime any event....will definately make full use of the time there. Hopefully, if i go on the disaster will happen.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Backseat Driver Manual.

Every once in a while, an ad catches your eye and you go like....Wow, now thats creativity. I was flipping thru my Wired magazine and came across this ad by VolksWagen. Its a manual for Back Seat Drivers. Normally i would just throw this out but this time...VW did it. This is the manual itself.

Its absoutely hilarious when you read thru the manual. You get trained as your responsibility as a backseat driver. Some of the responsibilty includes:
1) Food Distribution.
2) Blind Spots.
3) Car to car communication.
4) Monitoring Fluid Intake.
If you have the entire manual. Its a blast to read.

Of course...after all your trainning, you must have a certification and
in the manual, it comes with a ID card that states you are the official backseat

VW definately hit a home run with this promo. I've even called them up today to ask if i can obtain more copies of the manual so that i can send to friends.
So if you want one(no promises), sign up and i'll try to see if i can get you a copy.
I think its great for a company defensive driving trainning or something.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ku Ku Chiao

Hahahaha....those were the days.
Recapping all my childhood profanities does bring back are some...
1) Ku Ku Chiao - I think parents use this one first.
2) Kotek - Not sure where this comes from, must be from the Kotex commercial.
3) Neng Neng - Our first exposure to breasts. :p
4) CCB - Must be from the Simpang Dua kids that taught me that word.
5) NWS - Same bloody Simpang Dua kids that corrupted my fragile mind.

There...your walk down memory lane for the day!!!! Now if you'll excuse me....i've gotta to deal with the pricks and assholes. :p

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Itchy and Scratchy

This has got nothing to do with that show but thought itchy and scratchy describes my story best today. Heheheheheehe......Anyway.....on with the show. I went to a Japanes Buffet yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful time whacking sushi's,seafood and more sushi.
They have this excellent salt and pepper prawns with head still in tact and a lot of orange brains to suck on. So i think i must have whack about 10-20 of those. Anyway.....i got home and Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!.....start to feel itchy. Damn.....i must be allergic to those prawns.....but since its been 6-7 hours since my lunch, i thought that the worst was over. Boy oh boy, was i wrong.....somewhere at 12am....hives kicks in....ichiness was all over me, i was scratching like mad and i can't sleep. Then it hit me.....i got an Epipen in hand(basically it gives you a shot of epinephrine to ease the reaction). Thus....i quickly went for it....and i have never used it before.

You basically jab the epipen into your thighs and it will deliver the shot. So being a n00b......paiseh..paiseh....i was looking at it trying to figure out how it works.....and all of a sudden....pop.....FUCK!!! The needle activated, shots fired and here i am.....out of Epipen to take the shot. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! . When i saw the needle.....shit....thats some mean looking mother fucking needle. Seeing that needle also make me scared.......i don't think i want to jab myself with that. So sadly....went to bed....feeling itchy and scratchy.....:( But its ok now....slept in for extra 2 hours and went to office late. are some pictures of the Epipen......shit.....can't believe i am suppose to jab myself with that. The pen has been in its original don't see the needle.

This is the size compared to a regular pen.

This is how big the damn needle is.

Sad to say but this Purple D is afraid of needle.....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Alma Mater Forum = Fight Club ???

As admin for my alma mater's are some pictures i find reflects best when conflict occurs there.....sigh.....even after years of leaving school......kiddy fights still occur.....
Its funny,annoying,serious,childish,pathetic and most of all.....makes life for the moderators and admin of the forum very "interesting". I need to remind myself that on the whole, every single member has a good heart. Its my hope that all members see it this way. Its been an interesting roller coaster ride. Sigh......if you'll excuse me, i need to put on my fire-fighting suit and get ready for another round of conflict. :p

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Telling your "Pengurusi" to go "Tieu"!!!

Hari ini ya....gua punya "Pengurusi" suruh saya that dia mahu saya buat kerja baru untuk syarikat laaa......Saya taruh dia....cakap....sudah lima tahun saya buat kerja ini,kerja itu......gaji pun macam celakak punya.....saya tak mahu buat lebih kerja kalau mereka tak cepatkan process kad hijau saya. Cakap pada dia....apa motivasi untuk saya nak buat itu punya kerja kalau saya tak dapat setitik tahi daripade syarikat ini? Saya tak boleh tahan daaaa.....kalau tak bagi kad hijau.....saya balik "kampung" dan mereka boleh cari lain orang buat kerja saya. Sudah 5 tahun saya tanya untuk kad hijau ini.....tak nak buat...sudah.....awak orang boleh pergi main layang-layang!!!

Akhirnya.....pengurusi cakap pada HR untuk cepatkan process kad hijau saya dan HR cakap mereka sudah nak hantar borang itu kepada immigrasi. Dan bila pengurusi cakap berita itu pada saya.....saya cakap.....kalau nak saya buat kerja all better keep your promise....kalau tidak.....good luck cari orang lain buat kerja saya.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good ol days of arcade action!!! i was surfing the web a few weeks ago and came across this game, Raiden III.
Shit....this was the game series in which when i was in KL pucker down all my money just
to finish playing it. And to my happiness, this PC version of Raiden was excellent. I was waiting anxiously for it for weeks now...and i finally had it in my hands. Since it was an original game from Japan(only Japan has it), i figure what the heck...might as well spend some money and play a game that i love when i was in KL. I went ahead and bought a joypad also....all i can say, i feel like a little kid again, and its so worth it to be able to relive the good ol days. This is what gaming is all about....good if you'll excuse me....i'll go and get my hands sore!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Black Humour...

Ok......04/01/06 means 2 different things.
It means 4th Jan 06 to some and it means 1st April 06 to others.
Guess what.....since i am used to the American system.....i say its 1st April 2006.
Thus explaning my story today of why i fail to land in Canada today coz i landed on an
expired visa. How stupid is that?? Shit...imagine if i had flown from Texas to Canada for 1 week would be pretty fucked up!!! Ironic thing.....after so many years, this is very ironic as i feel that this is an April fools joke played on me by someone. I am laughing and pissed at the same time....all i can say today is......if this is some sick joke someone is playing, its funny but hell....just go fucked yourself after you've done laughing!!!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Be right back

Gloomville will be back in business soon.
More exciting.....maybe not.....more umph....probably not....
but one thing for sure.....if i don't get my fat ass up to continue to blog,you all are gonna get tired of watching bellies and dicks!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dino's 3 weight loss tips!!

Got tag today for some Meme thing Lilian here's my 3 tips for loosing weight.
Bottomline of loosing weight....input and output....less input and more output = weight "magik" pill or anything like that.....

1) Don't eat so enough just to make yourself feel comfortable. If you really want to see fast results, eat enough till you are only a little hungry.
2) Excercise! Excercise! Excercise! even 1/2 hour helps...
3) Eat more vegetables and fruits....the best thing about fruits is that you'll feel full without the huge calories like in rice and meats.

There you go....3 tips......start loosing weight or you'll end up like the 3 guys above!!