Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Holy Crap....Kansas has the best damn BBQ!!!!

Ok....back from my trip......did not sleep well for 2 days or so.......eyes a little bit burning.
Anyway, yesterday, one of the managers took us out on a BBQ at a place called Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ......shit.....that has got to be the best damn BBQ i have ever tasted. Also, the baked beans that they have.....i almost crap in my pants to as how good it was. If all beans can be prepared that way.....i can be vegeterian already.
And yes, for all those of you who has the nagging thought of, what about your diet.....for your infomation, i have lost about 10pounds since i started it a month ago. So i am still doing fine on my diet. I actually had a great time in Kansas with other people from my company and although, i will have to recover from my lack of sleep,i should be ok. I am heading out to the East Coast again on Sunday to New England for my vacation, so have to go thru the plane ride all over again. Sigh!! So its great to be back.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Going to Kansas City this week.

Going to Kansas City tomorrow for trainning. Feeling really shitty about it. Why? Because i dislike going to any company function and have to go thru the formality of introducing yourself to the rest of the people and am a representative of my program. Sigh!! Dem tu lan feeling i tell you!! Also, i dislike going thru security in the airport these days. Have to be there early and have to wait and wait and wait!!! Sheesh..........

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Recently, i've have an interests to watch old P.Ramlee movies. I still think that he's the best director Malaysia ever had. I think its pathetic that Malaysia has not release a single DVD of good quality from this director. I am sure these will sell well. A lot of us grew up watching his Ali Baba and Do-Re-Mi stories and the "Cubaaa-an" shows....LOL.....i have vague memories of his show, but would love to have all his movies in my DVD collection. I think instead of wasting time censoring all 18sx crap.....the entertainment industry should keep P.Ramlee's work alive. Now, if the DVD of his movies exists, let me know ya.....but in the meantime, i can only think back to wheni was a kid watching his shows with my family and laughing together!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Thinking of retiring Gloomville!!!

Keeping up with the blog is not easy. So i am thinking of retiring this blog. Sometimes dunno what to write about. Most of the time i feel shy to talk about things. For a short time, while doing this, it did give you readers an idea about who i am. I shall see if i have more stories to tell, but for now, retiring is an option. But i shall see what happens.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

BBQ Cancelled!! :(

Was suppose to have a company BBQ today but was cancelled because of rain!! Sniff! Sniff! Was actually looking foward to the beef thats dropping off the bone,slow cooked chicken and endless magarita's!!! Sigh!!! But weather today is bad, raining so kena cancelled. :( Also i was curious what kinda lucky draw prizes they had. But strong....its only food!!! :(

Anyway, to make up for it, i went to an italian restauraunt and had Chicken with White Wine sauce and to top it off, Cold Stone Creamery ice cream to have Banana Caramel Crunch(See below). If you don't know, Cold Stone is a new trend of ice cream stores in the US whereby they mix ice-cream with the topping of your choice on a cold slab of stone. Yup, they put the ice-cream on a stone and mix it there and then. Sure taste bloody good. Tomorrow have to go back to dieting again!! Oh well, life goes on!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Diet update!!

Ok...its been 2 weeks since i started my diet. Lost about 5 pounds already!!! Pants already fitting me better!!Shit, its dem difficult i tell you. Secret of success(if you can call it success!!! Muahahahhaha!!!), eat more vege and fruits and cut down on meats and carbs.

First week, dem susah....always hungry....but after a while, your body just gets used to it.
Right now, if a little hungry, its a good thing. Important note, breakfast is very crucial. You have to at least eat something for breakfast, i had cereal with soy milk. Love it! Lunch and dinner.....pile my plate with about 85% vege and 15% meats. Its not too bad.
Went to asian store today and bought more vege for the week. Onwards to the 3rd week!!!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bahagian kedua cerita babi betina butuh!!

Sekarang hari minggu, saya nak cerita pasal babi di tempat kerja saya. Sebenarnya, babi ini ialah seorang lelaki. Dia gemuk, gigi macam tahi anjing dan muka macam berang punya punggung!
Saya tak suka dia kerana perangai dia betul-betul uji saya punya perasaan. Setiap kali kalau saya ada masalah dengan network, bila saya tanya dia, dia cakap "Apa Mahu??" Babi celaka, sudah 5 tahun kerja dengan babi ini, dia lagi bagi perangai macam butuh!! Bukan itu saja, dia selalu cakap, "Senang saja, hari ini saya betulkan masa-alah itu" tapi sampai sebulan dia semua pun tarak buat!! Selalu kata dia tahu, tapi otak macam tempoyak tahi!!! Bodoh sungguh babi butuh ini!!

Lu orang tengok gambat babi di atas...nah...itulah dia kalau saya guna anak panah kat dia.
Sejak kawan saya di syarikat tinggalkan syarikat, dia ambil separuh punya kerja kawan saya. Itulah kerana kawan saya kerja kat network, saya takut nanti babi ini nampak tulisan ini dan buat kacau kat saya!!! Nasib baik, Isnin ini tak ada kerja. Saya tak nak tengok muka babi ini!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

I am tired of listening about Katrina and God on TV!

Well, i still see people on TV that talks about God saving their lives and Katrina, i get annoyed!! But my collegue today showed me a link to James Randi site and i thought what he mentioned about this subject is exactly what was on my mind when i hear such things.

Quote from James Randi:

"I felt badly when I discovered that hurricane Katrina, in brushing by us on her way to Louisiana, had brought down two beautiful and very old trees here at the JREF. Losing electric power – both here and at my home – for a few days, was a nuisance. However, the subsequent wide-scale devastation of other parts of our country makes us at the JREF feel fortunate. This page was turned out with some difficulty, but here it is.

In passing, I have to ask if our President has seen fit to blame God for the thousands of dead innocents, the loss of property that made millions homeless, the displacement and separation of families, the destruction of fine buildings and the general damage to our way of life – which took place and continues to take place despite his assurance that he’d prayed to God – begged for mercy – about the situation. One Reverend on TV thanked God for diverting Katrina slightly east so that New Orleans didn’t receive it directly; what it did to Mississippi as a result of that divine response, wasn’t mentioned. The governor of Louisiana declared a Day of Prayer, with no noticeable effect.

I suggest that we might want to depose this incumbent God and start dealing with The Real World. He’s proven – time and again – to be cruel, capricious, and vindictive. He drowns, crushes, burns, and starves millions of us every day. He created cancer, viruses, and germs to invade and destroy our bodies as He sees fit, and uses them very effectively. In His wisdom, He directed those in charge to impede stem cell research so that such a powerful approach would not be available to us and He wouldn’t have to strain the Divine Intellect to disarm that defense. We amuse Him as we flail about vainly trying to appease Him. I vote that we dump Him."

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pee-tiful experience!!

I am damn bloody pissed off by this medical center today(U.S HealthWorks). Keeping long story short, we were asked to take a drug test today!!(Itu cerita lagi satu, tapi sekarang tarak tenaga nak bincang!!Banyak Tu Lan punya cerita!!!).

Anyway, i left my office at about 1pm and reach there at about 1.15pm. All i wanted is to pee in a cup for these guys and get on with my life.....but nooooo.....these fuckers let me wait for 1 bloody hour. I was so pissed i was literally sweating pee out of my balls!!! All it takes is less than a minute to pee in a cup, sign some papers and get the hell out. What is so difficult about that?? I don't even need a doctor to watch me pee!! Bottomline, this fucking medical center is dis-organize and mess up!! I won't be surprise if they ask me to return give another pee sample!! U.S HealthWorks my ass!!!!