Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Alma Mater Forum = Fight Club ???

As admin for my alma mater's are some pictures i find reflects best when conflict occurs there.....sigh.....even after years of leaving school......kiddy fights still occur.....
Its funny,annoying,serious,childish,pathetic and most of all.....makes life for the moderators and admin of the forum very "interesting". I need to remind myself that on the whole, every single member has a good heart. Its my hope that all members see it this way. Its been an interesting roller coaster ride. Sigh......if you'll excuse me, i need to put on my fire-fighting suit and get ready for another round of conflict. :p

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Telling your "Pengurusi" to go "Tieu"!!!

Hari ini ya....gua punya "Pengurusi" suruh saya that dia mahu saya buat kerja baru untuk syarikat laaa......Saya taruh dia....cakap....sudah lima tahun saya buat kerja ini,kerja itu......gaji pun macam celakak punya.....saya tak mahu buat lebih kerja kalau mereka tak cepatkan process kad hijau saya. Cakap pada dia....apa motivasi untuk saya nak buat itu punya kerja kalau saya tak dapat setitik tahi daripade syarikat ini? Saya tak boleh tahan daaaa.....kalau tak bagi kad hijau.....saya balik "kampung" dan mereka boleh cari lain orang buat kerja saya. Sudah 5 tahun saya tanya untuk kad hijau ini.....tak nak buat...sudah.....awak orang boleh pergi main layang-layang!!!

Akhirnya.....pengurusi cakap pada HR untuk cepatkan process kad hijau saya dan HR cakap mereka sudah nak hantar borang itu kepada immigrasi. Dan bila pengurusi cakap berita itu pada saya.....saya cakap.....kalau nak saya buat kerja all better keep your promise....kalau tidak.....good luck cari orang lain buat kerja saya.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good ol days of arcade action!!! i was surfing the web a few weeks ago and came across this game, Raiden III.
Shit....this was the game series in which when i was in KL pucker down all my money just
to finish playing it. And to my happiness, this PC version of Raiden was excellent. I was waiting anxiously for it for weeks now...and i finally had it in my hands. Since it was an original game from Japan(only Japan has it), i figure what the heck...might as well spend some money and play a game that i love when i was in KL. I went ahead and bought a joypad also....all i can say, i feel like a little kid again, and its so worth it to be able to relive the good ol days. This is what gaming is all about....good if you'll excuse me....i'll go and get my hands sore!!