Monday, November 19, 2007

This is how porn should be!!!

You get this package....................

You wear this thing.......

Then you go watch this!!!! If porn was like this.....i would be broke by the end of the year.

Kekekekeke......alright...alright.....went to see Beowolf 3D today. Very impressive CG and effects. 3D technology has indeed come a long way. This is the first movie that i watch which is in full length 3D, yeah, the whole 2 hours(almost!!!). Never got a headache and am totally immersed in the experience. If you get a chance, pay for that extra and watch it in 3D. Totally worth the experience. I think they need to make a full remake of Clash of the Titans in this format. I will totally dig that!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Horror Tag

Ok.....i assume this is for Halloween, but then again....who's counting right?? Anyway, got tag by Sila or Hish...not sure since they both share the same blog. 1) SilverBullet.
Of all movie monsters that i get very uncomfortable with is werewolves. Ugggh!!! Ever since American Werewolf in London came out, i never grew out of it. Silver Bullet was the one which i think that really scare the hell out of me when i was a kid. Till this day, it still strike a little fear in me!!!

2) The Untold Story
Move aside all you American Serial Killers!!!! This guy is creepy in first degree. He makes Char Siu Pau out of his victims. I think it was based on a true story. This guy i think is worst than Hannibal Lecter.

3) The Shutter
Ok....this Thai movie is about a camera-men that takes pictures with ghostly images in them.
Why all his pictures have deceased people in it?? There is twists ala Sixth Sense(love that one too) in this one....which caught me by surprise. Wasn't expecting it at all....but totally love it!!!

4) Rosemary's Baby
This is a superb,superb movie. Starts off slow as molasses but then slowly sucks you into the plot. Yeah.....this is what i call story writting. Pure psychological thriller. No gore or anything like that.......highly recommended!!!

I think this is the movie that started the American "The Grudge"/"Ring" horror movies.
I found out about it in the early 2000 when i saw the trailer online. Nothing beats the original.

6) Exorcism of Emily Rose
Based upon a true story(what isn't these days). Movie caught my attention from start to end.
Spine chilling scenes of demonic possession and haunting.

7) The Devils Rejects
Violence to the max this one!! Unnecessary violence but very good loor.....:p

8) Deliverance
Hhahahaha........after seeing this movie, you'll think twice about going to remote areas of America and brings new meaning of squealing like a little piggy!!!

9) The Descent
Ending sucks but with 6 hot chicks in a cave escaping from cave dwelling creatures, i am happy.
Very good cave creatures, one of the most original i've seen in a while.

10) Asian Black Magic Horror Genre
Ok...anything to do with asian black magic is creepy. Period!!!
The one above was the last one i watch a few years back. Which explains why i never had any desire to visit Thailand/Burma/Vietnam or places like that.

Hope the pictures does not creep you out.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Falling off them bones!!!

Went to a Cajun place downtown yesterday to revisit Alligator Soul. I've been there before but stop going there 1-2 years back because the music was kinda loud for me when i am eating and they do get busy. Anyway, they've since move to a new location and i thought i'd pay them a visit. The verdict, much-much better!!!

Now to the main course, their Southern BBQ!!!!! Step aside, Chilli's,Tony Roma's and TGIF!!! This is how BBQ should be.....

IMHO, a good BBQ is where all you need is a fork. The meat should be falling off the bones and smothered with BBQ sauce. The dish came with baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw and some corn. I drool just thinking of the meal i had yesterday. May have to revisit it again next week. I am just glad that the atmosphere has change for this restaurant and food is just as good!!!