Saturday, December 22, 2007

Manyak Paiseh Loooor!!!!

Ok.....was minding my own business one day listening to the radio.....and then a tune caught my ear.
When i first heard it, i thought it had a really good tune so i went onto the information highway to look for that tune. So this is where the paiseh part comes in. The song is sung by.....drumroll.........sigh.....paiseh till no tomorrow i really have to say the name of the song......well, maybe not....but if you can guess what song it is.....drumroll..........errr.......promise not to
Britney Spears
- Piece of Me. let me go back to my cave and go into hiding.
If you are internet smart, you'll know how to find the answer.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Got Touched!!!

Woke up this morning.......had my coffee......went to Itunes......and got bitten by the Ipod Itouched bug. Why? Well, i can download video podcasts on Itouch and watch it when i workout and don't have to rip my DVD's every other week. With that in mind, at about 10am....i went out and got my new baby.

Originally i did not intend to get it but then the thought of how easy to upload videos automatically and also the ability to surf and watch YouTube videos sold me straight away.
I've been touching mysel.....i mean the device all day today and this is one of the best device i have ever had. I only got the 8G version. I had a 20G Ipod in the past and did not manage to even fill up 50% of that. So i decided to be feasible and get the 8G version instead. Absoutely love this thing.

The screen is really responsive and a joy to use. Highly recommended.

Monday, November 19, 2007

This is how porn should be!!!

You get this package....................

You wear this thing.......

Then you go watch this!!!! If porn was like this.....i would be broke by the end of the year.

Kekekekeke......alright...alright.....went to see Beowolf 3D today. Very impressive CG and effects. 3D technology has indeed come a long way. This is the first movie that i watch which is in full length 3D, yeah, the whole 2 hours(almost!!!). Never got a headache and am totally immersed in the experience. If you get a chance, pay for that extra and watch it in 3D. Totally worth the experience. I think they need to make a full remake of Clash of the Titans in this format. I will totally dig that!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Horror Tag

Ok.....i assume this is for Halloween, but then again....who's counting right?? Anyway, got tag by Sila or Hish...not sure since they both share the same blog. 1) SilverBullet.
Of all movie monsters that i get very uncomfortable with is werewolves. Ugggh!!! Ever since American Werewolf in London came out, i never grew out of it. Silver Bullet was the one which i think that really scare the hell out of me when i was a kid. Till this day, it still strike a little fear in me!!!

2) The Untold Story
Move aside all you American Serial Killers!!!! This guy is creepy in first degree. He makes Char Siu Pau out of his victims. I think it was based on a true story. This guy i think is worst than Hannibal Lecter.

3) The Shutter
Ok....this Thai movie is about a camera-men that takes pictures with ghostly images in them.
Why all his pictures have deceased people in it?? There is twists ala Sixth Sense(love that one too) in this one....which caught me by surprise. Wasn't expecting it at all....but totally love it!!!

4) Rosemary's Baby
This is a superb,superb movie. Starts off slow as molasses but then slowly sucks you into the plot. Yeah.....this is what i call story writting. Pure psychological thriller. No gore or anything like that.......highly recommended!!!

I think this is the movie that started the American "The Grudge"/"Ring" horror movies.
I found out about it in the early 2000 when i saw the trailer online. Nothing beats the original.

6) Exorcism of Emily Rose
Based upon a true story(what isn't these days). Movie caught my attention from start to end.
Spine chilling scenes of demonic possession and haunting.

7) The Devils Rejects
Violence to the max this one!! Unnecessary violence but very good loor.....:p

8) Deliverance
Hhahahaha........after seeing this movie, you'll think twice about going to remote areas of America and brings new meaning of squealing like a little piggy!!!

9) The Descent
Ending sucks but with 6 hot chicks in a cave escaping from cave dwelling creatures, i am happy.
Very good cave creatures, one of the most original i've seen in a while.

10) Asian Black Magic Horror Genre
Ok...anything to do with asian black magic is creepy. Period!!!
The one above was the last one i watch a few years back. Which explains why i never had any desire to visit Thailand/Burma/Vietnam or places like that.

Hope the pictures does not creep you out.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Falling off them bones!!!

Went to a Cajun place downtown yesterday to revisit Alligator Soul. I've been there before but stop going there 1-2 years back because the music was kinda loud for me when i am eating and they do get busy. Anyway, they've since move to a new location and i thought i'd pay them a visit. The verdict, much-much better!!!

Now to the main course, their Southern BBQ!!!!! Step aside, Chilli's,Tony Roma's and TGIF!!! This is how BBQ should be.....

IMHO, a good BBQ is where all you need is a fork. The meat should be falling off the bones and smothered with BBQ sauce. The dish came with baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw and some corn. I drool just thinking of the meal i had yesterday. May have to revisit it again next week. I am just glad that the atmosphere has change for this restaurant and food is just as good!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This has been a Transforming week for me.

This week was the release date for Transformers DVD. And boy oh boy, what a week it has been. New releases normally happen on Tuesdays around here. Anyway, this Monday(i had the day off), i just could not resists watching Transformers on Hi-Def. And with that thought, i went out and bought myself a HD-DVD player just for it. impulsive can one get. Anyway, its always nice to play with new gadgets. All i can say is that it looks so much better than the theaters. I can see every detail. To show you the is from a standard DVD.

and here is the one in Hi-Def.

Anyway, to show how much abnormal i have, i bought 2 copies of the movie.
One is a limited edition steelcase set. Can't help it, the case looks good. They also have Autobot one but i decided to get Decepticons. Wanted to get both but i think that would be silly. Here's a look at it.

And here is a cop of my HD-DVD version.

Ok...spend too much liao...have to revert back to Ramen noodles.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Andre Rieu in Seattle

Ok....went to my first classical music concert last night. Not sure if any of you are familiar with Andre Rieu but he seems to be popular here in the US. Anyway, i normally not into such concerts but there is always a first time for everything. The seats i got wasn't the best IMHO but i still enjoyed the show. Anyway, here is a video i took with my S3....kekekekeke.......

Monday, October 01, 2007

Panjang punya snort

Gua punya pejabat ada seolang pompuan. Dia tiap-tiap bulan ada hidung punya pasal. So now my problem is that bila dia nak kosong-kan did punya hidung ah...dia take like 30 seconds to do it. Lemme explain, if you just one blow, get it over and done with, gua tarak ada pasal, but this goodness,the blowing you hear all the snort from the hidung.....uggggh!!!! Gua punya bulu roma nak lompat keluar gua punya kulit, lari sampai Timbuktu. I want to muntah big time bila i dengar ini punya bunyi. Pintu ofis dia opposite of me, so can't do jack about it. If i go tutup the pintu when dia do that, kinda obvious.So cerita pendek.....kalau you want to blow your hidung, please it fast.....don't drag ya pee-keung(lubang hidung) on it.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

After 9 years......look what i found!!!

Went to Asia shop...found Hu-Mau-Tan!!! Straight away buy!! $3.50 for 6....nevermind laaa.....very worth it....not as good as i am use to but not awful also..... :p.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pindah Pejabat!!!

After 7 years commuting 33 miles each way, my office will be moving to a new location much,much closer to my home. If you enlarge the pic above, that will give you a little perspective of the distance. Well, thats about 10 miles off my daily commute. Thus that equates to 20 miles each way, 100 miles each week, 400 miles each month, roughly about $30 savings in gas each month. Hhahahahahaa......but the thing i am happy most about this move is that i will finally have my own office. No more prairie dogging as a cubicle dweller and no more hearing personal conversations of office colleagues and best of all, i can at least play some music over my speakers. Its not that big of an office but at least its my own personal space whereby i can shut the door if i want to make a personal calls. Will snap a pic of my office when i get the opportunity to do so. :)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Robotic Kit No-More

After sitting there for a few weeks, i decided to go ahead and return my lego robotic kit. Why? Well, after much thought, i figure i really don't have that much time to play around with that. Considering you have to assemble and re-program the toy, i dem lazy to go and do that. Furthermore, with the Ipod Touch getting my attention, i think i will re-allocate my funds and get the Ipod instead. Sigh!!! So much to buy so little funds. more robot kit.....but with me....maybe i will go buy it again when the price is right!!! :p

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I lurve Amy Winehouse!!! Not!!!

I thought it was very-very well done. I had quite a laugh.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Its fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A!!!!

Sadly....the YMCA i go to has to be closed down because i broke all their machines!!!! NOT!!!!
Well, its closed because of their annual maintenance thus i am unable to eat too much these week. I know i am going to go east and west if i don't behave. Sigh!!! I know i don't look it but i really miss working out at the YMCA.....its about 2 miles from my home and its got a pool whereby i can almost always get a lane to myself. Well, unless there are hippos frolicking in there....anyway, one a positive note, my mobo is back in my hands this evening and hopefully by tomorrow, i will get my life back and create a robot or two!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is Animoto, Seattle Visitors Part Deux

Found this link from G4 TV. Pretty much upload your pics, pick your songs and let them render it. I didn't really have much pics to play with or able to select my own songs. So try it out, i am sure you'll enjoy seeing the results!! :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cherry Stone Clams

Went to the asian grocery during my lunch break and saw some wonderfully sized cherry stone clams. The last time i saw them, i did not buy them, so this time i decided to just go ahead and try them out and see. Let me intro them to you(top to bottom), say hi to Nikki, LoLo, Candi and Mercedez. Funny how asians names sound so westernized these days!!! Kekekekekeke!!! Let me tell you, these ladies are voluptuous,wet and juicy. Just in case you can't tell how big they are, just go see the next picture. I know, i know, i should stop making sex objects out of my food!!! :p you is showing you how big they are. These are possible the biggest hooke.....i mean.....clams i have ever seen in my life. They cost about $2.39 for a pound. I bought 4 of them and they weigh around 2 lbs.

So anyway, to prepare them, i cut some garlic, shallots and green onions. Blended some Ritz crackers. In a pan, melt some butter, put in garlic and shallots....saute them for a bit, then add the green onions. After the aroma comes out, add the crumbled ritz crackers to make like a paste. Take off the fire and put it aside.

Next, open up the clams. I cheat....i use a hammer and crack them open a little. Just put some of the paste that was made and smear them over them clams. Pre-heat over for 425 degrees, and put Nikki,, LoLo, Candi and Mercedez into the sauna for 10 mins.....and the end result is this....

I had a great time with these hooke...i mean ladies......unfortunately for them, i was more satisfied than them. Maybe go get more tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Toys again.....

After many moons.......i finally decided to break down and get me one of these. I got a 20% off coupon, so the urge to get one was pretty high. These things never go on sale like that so i though, oh what the heck, no wife to ask permission for such things and no children to feed milk to, so i might as well take care of myself. Here is my new toy. Lego Mindstorm NXT.
This thing is still cheaper than photography and in the process, i'll get to learn about robotics.
Not sure if i am creative enough to build great robots....but i have a robot dino in mind. But for now, here is the box.

Below is what they call the brick. Its the brain of the whole system. I am dying to try the thing out.

Unfortunately with my PC out of commission, i am unable to do much with it now. Sigh..hopefully i am able to get my mobo back next week. So in the meantime, it has to sit there and collect dust a little.

Friday, August 10, 2007

If it ain't broken....don't fix it!!!

Cleber...cleber go and flash my computer think i know, koyaked!!!!
Now have to send the motherboard back to the manufacturer for a replacement.
Sigh!!! So no regular updates from the comfort of a desktop.
So no shiok!!! :(

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just mooning around!!!

Was on my way to work around 5.15am a few days ago and lo and behold, saw a full moon. I quicky rush back into the house and grab my camera and took a picture of the moon. Its unfortunate that i don't have time to play around with the settings to get a better picture. Actually i miss and opportunity a day ago when the moon was looking much larger than this one. i have to really keep a close eye on moon times.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

You know that you've been gone too long.....

when you renew your passport and get this stamped onto it.

What's interesting is that they renewed it just by extending the length of the duration on the passport. I had first thought they said that i needed to go back first, get my ID card then they will renew it. Then i was pleasantly surprised that they stamp an extension on the passport.On the whole, it took about 2 weeks for them to get it done, in which i am very happy about it.Its probably one of the most pleasant surprises of this year.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Blow Up Doll!!! Kinda!!!!!

I would have to say Sammi Cheng dem smart. How she know i getting a new PC? Really cleber girl!!! Hahahahaah.....anyways, she is half right. is the story, about 1.5 months ago, my computer kaputed.....just flat out died. Blue screen of death appeared and re-installing it also kenot save. So here is my new box($50 bucks at a bargain,just the case....not the innards).

Here is the inside of it.

Probably won't mean a thing for some of my readers but here are the specs.
-Intel Duo Core E6750
-2G DDR2 Ram
-400G HD space
-GTS 8800 640 OC2 video card-----> My baby!!! Got another baby i like but i am short 50cents. :p

Anyway, the next thing i did not expect was to get a new i was surfing away last Saturday and lo and behold.....BestBuy having a 22 incd LCD Widescreen for $189.....dem.....thats a good price. So i got a buyer for my old monitor for $100 so in total $89 bucks for the upgrade!!! So here it baby's face....

Now i can surf 2 pages at the same time!!!! Ahhhh......this is definately better than the blow up dolls!!!! :p

Monday, July 30, 2007

Coming Soon

A short note here......
I just got another new toy. A bit busy setting it up now.
Just wanted to post something here so that you know that Gloomville is still alive....not dead yet.
Been a hectic week for stay tuned!!!! :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Visitors dealt with and peace has been restored!!

After many days of negotiating, the visitors seemed to be happy with the deal they got.Raw fish really hit the spot for them. Hehehehehehhe......... Anyway, hope all of them had a good time and glad i am able to host them.'s a picture of them here....notice, they seemed very happy and smiling!!! Anyway, till then, whenever you see the rain, remember the green alien in the poncho hiking thru the rain forest!!! :p

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


A particular citizen of Gloomville will be expecting a few visitors in town in the next few days.Sad thing is that this is the citizen responsible for updating new events about the latest happening around Gloomville. Thus, there will not be any updates anytime soon. But the government of this nation express confidence in its supporters patience as they have been thru worst staleness of news in the past!!! Muahahahaahhhaa!! :p

Monday, July 16, 2007

Making a difference.

Was watching NBC news a few days ago and there was a segment about the new millionaires in America. They were focusing in on an individual whom is in real estate and he owns a private jet. In fact he owns 2 private jet and planning to buy another one which is better. The segment focus mainly on how the rich spends their wealth and its truly sad that when the filthy rich spends money on luxuries like this instead of making the world a better place to live. I mean, come on, do you really need 3 private jets for your fat ass.

The report claims that the number of millionaires are growing drastically here in the US but it feels that all these people is only concern about getting bigger,faster and more luxurious things. But on the other hand, they did show this elderly millionaire that decided to ride his bicycle to work and give most of his earnings to the poor and needy. Like the new mexican billionaire that became the most richest man recently. Heck, so filthy rich and the people in his country is in poverty.....and from what i know, he's done nothing much to help his own people. Sigh......with that said, at least we have Bill Gates and Warren Buffet making a difference. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


It was very hot i went to Kwik-E-Mart to get some Squishee!!!!! Hmmmmm........Squishee........did not see any Buzz cola or Duff beer.....but i'll try that at a later date. Either you get this post or you don't. ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A meme? WTF is a meme?

No idea what a meme is......but got tag by some kambing or something like that. :p

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Market Research Peon
2. Lab Assistant
3. System Admin
4. Data Analyst

Four places I have lived:
1. PJ
2. London,England
3. Oxford,England
4. Seattle,USA

Four Places I have been on vacation:
1. Indonesia
2. England
3. New England
4. Most of the West Coast of the US of A.

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Baba Nyonya....dun care...all good.
2. Cajun Soul Food, especially falling off the bones ribs
3. Italian food,
4. Seafood....all also i like

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. The coast of Maine
2. Back in Sitiawan/KL/PJ
3. Oxford,England
4. Greek Islands

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Transformers Again!!!!

Ok...ok....i finally watch the Transfromers on the big screen and i have to say this......not enough robot time on the screen. And......not enough whole robot transformation and a bit kelam kabut in certain part of the action scenes. Nevertheless, its a good movie and enjoy it very much. I will have to buy the DVD when its release and slo-mo it to see the transformation and figure out what is going on in the action scenes.Today i went to ToysRUs and came back with 2 figures....


and Barricade(i got the last of it in the whole display section).

I love these 2 cars as they looked kick ass. I wish they had die-cast versions of it but oh well.
Next month they are coming out with the Ultimate version of BumbleBee at $70-$100.......hmmm....looks cool......but not sure if i want to pay that much for it. Too back Jazz looked horrible as he is one of my favs. Still deciding if i want to get Rachet and Blackout or not.....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Digging out the past.

Felt so lost now coz it seems that the whole world has seen The Transformers except me.Die Hard 4 was release this weekend and next week only Transformers. Dem no shiok.But anyway, i went down to the basement and dig out 2 Transformers i had bought a longtime ago. I hadn't even taken them out of the box coz i lazy to go transform them. But i needto get in the mood for the movie next week, so decided to take it out and transform them.I tell you, i dunno how kids did it, these 2 took me almost 45 mins to figure out how to transform them. So with that said.....gonna bring it to my cubicle tomorrow and display them. Hhahahaa....dem childish man me!!! :p

Monday, June 25, 2007

Transform and Roll Out!!!

Its been a while since i felt overly hyped for a movie. But then came The Transformers......i can't wait to see it and went ahead and bought the tickets today. I even got my tickets for the earliest show on Wednesday. Yeah...since i don't sleep in and i hate crowds, 9.30am would be a great time to see it. Wanted to do the midnight on the 3rd but don't think i can stay up that late these days. hyped about it now!! Hehehehhee!! :p

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rascal sighting on the S3

Saw this little rascal behind my house yesterday.

Chase the rascal to get this pic....

Chase the rascal again to get another pic....

After chasing.....i felt i went to take a nap. :p

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Death of a love in my life.

I have not update my blog for a few days because on Sunday, something unexpected happen. I wasn't expecting it to happen like this. I woke up to a bad news that day. I tried to hold back my shock but i couldn't. How can this happen to me? Why me of all people!! I started to question my existence and how unfair the whole thing is. After all these years with me, my love has finally left me without any warning signs. I question what am i going to do since my love has gone. I console myself and though of all the good times and bad time i have with my love. But i suppose all good things must come to an end sooner or later. People say one has to learn to let go and move on with live after loosing something dear. I will be strong and continue on with my life without my love.I didn't even had the opportunity to say goodbye.
I feel like crying but its ok......pain is part of the growing process. Sigh!! Live must go on and i will survive!!! :(...........My love gave me permission to find a new love if anything like this should happen.
So in 2 -3 weeks time......i am getting a new PC!! Kinda excited you know!!! :p

Thursday, June 14, 2007

First photo attempt with my S3.

Dem impatient lot i tell ya!!! :p
Ok laaa....i went to the park a few days ago and took some shots. I've not fully explore things yet and taking it slow. curious how far my camera's a sample.
Shot one....notice i mark my target in red.

I then did a full zoom....and here's what i got. How abot that!!! I really like the zoom on this camera. Like i said before....i can't wait for the next full moon and see how it turns out!!

Anyway, with zoom, i manage this shot of a man with his dog. I thought its a nice shot of them.

Next i took a shot of a down syndrome gal with her dog. I asked if i could take a picture of her dog and she just jumped right into the picture. Pretty cute situation.

I finally waited till the sun went down a little and snap the sunset of Puget Sound.

The next day....i tried my hands at macro shots......i learn soon afterwards that its not easy to take macro shots around my yard. Flowers are no more and pretty much everything is green.
Focus was really hard with macro but i'll figure out one day.

Dandelion by the fence.

Lastly.....took some shots of moss in the grass....dem pathetic hoor.......:p

So...thats my first shot with my S3. I am a total noob when it comes to photography so excuse me ya.