Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This has been a Transforming week for me.

This week was the release date for Transformers DVD. And boy oh boy, what a week it has been. New releases normally happen on Tuesdays around here. Anyway, this Monday(i had the day off), i just could not resists watching Transformers on Hi-Def. And with that thought, i went out and bought myself a HD-DVD player just for it. impulsive can one get. Anyway, its always nice to play with new gadgets. All i can say is that it looks so much better than the theaters. I can see every detail. To show you the is from a standard DVD.

and here is the one in Hi-Def.

Anyway, to show how much abnormal i have, i bought 2 copies of the movie.
One is a limited edition steelcase set. Can't help it, the case looks good. They also have Autobot one but i decided to get Decepticons. Wanted to get both but i think that would be silly. Here's a look at it.

And here is a cop of my HD-DVD version.

Ok...spend too much liao...have to revert back to Ramen noodles.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Andre Rieu in Seattle

Ok....went to my first classical music concert last night. Not sure if any of you are familiar with Andre Rieu but he seems to be popular here in the US. Anyway, i normally not into such concerts but there is always a first time for everything. The seats i got wasn't the best IMHO but i still enjoyed the show. Anyway, here is a video i took with my S3....kekekekeke.......

Monday, October 01, 2007

Panjang punya snort

Gua punya pejabat ada seolang pompuan. Dia tiap-tiap bulan ada hidung punya pasal. So now my problem is that bila dia nak kosong-kan did punya hidung ah...dia take like 30 seconds to do it. Lemme explain, if you just one blow, get it over and done with, gua tarak ada pasal, but this goodness,the blowing you hear all the snort from the hidung.....uggggh!!!! Gua punya bulu roma nak lompat keluar gua punya kulit, lari sampai Timbuktu. I want to muntah big time bila i dengar ini punya bunyi. Pintu ofis dia opposite of me, so can't do jack about it. If i go tutup the pintu when dia do that, kinda obvious.So cerita pendek.....kalau you want to blow your hidung, please it fast.....don't drag ya pee-keung(lubang hidung) on it.