Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ku Ku Chiao

Hahahaha....those were the days.
Recapping all my childhood profanities does bring back are some...
1) Ku Ku Chiao - I think parents use this one first.
2) Kotek - Not sure where this comes from, must be from the Kotex commercial.
3) Neng Neng - Our first exposure to breasts. :p
4) CCB - Must be from the Simpang Dua kids that taught me that word.
5) NWS - Same bloody Simpang Dua kids that corrupted my fragile mind.

There...your walk down memory lane for the day!!!! Now if you'll excuse me....i've gotta to deal with the pricks and assholes. :p

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Itchy and Scratchy

This has got nothing to do with that show but thought itchy and scratchy describes my story best today. Heheheheheehe......Anyway.....on with the show. I went to a Japanes Buffet yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful time whacking sushi's,seafood and more sushi.
They have this excellent salt and pepper prawns with head still in tact and a lot of orange brains to suck on. So i think i must have whack about 10-20 of those. Anyway.....i got home and Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!.....start to feel itchy. Damn.....i must be allergic to those prawns.....but since its been 6-7 hours since my lunch, i thought that the worst was over. Boy oh boy, was i wrong.....somewhere at 12am....hives kicks in....ichiness was all over me, i was scratching like mad and i can't sleep. Then it hit me.....i got an Epipen in hand(basically it gives you a shot of epinephrine to ease the reaction). Thus....i quickly went for it....and i have never used it before.

You basically jab the epipen into your thighs and it will deliver the shot. So being a n00b......paiseh..paiseh....i was looking at it trying to figure out how it works.....and all of a sudden....pop.....FUCK!!! The needle activated, shots fired and here i am.....out of Epipen to take the shot. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! . When i saw the needle.....shit....thats some mean looking mother fucking needle. Seeing that needle also make me scared.......i don't think i want to jab myself with that. So sadly....went to bed....feeling itchy and scratchy.....:( But its ok now....slept in for extra 2 hours and went to office late. are some pictures of the Epipen......shit.....can't believe i am suppose to jab myself with that. The pen has been in its original don't see the needle.

This is the size compared to a regular pen.

This is how big the damn needle is.

Sad to say but this Purple D is afraid of needle.....