Friday, January 26, 2007

Cerita Babi the return!!

Maaf ya....BM gua koyak tapi ada sikit cerita nak cerita sikit.
Jika anda ada baca blog ini manyak,manyak tahun dahulu.....gua ada cerita tentang babi butuh dalam ofis gua. You see......keep cerita pajang pendek, a few bulans ago, dia di-transfered to area cubical saya. Actually, babi itu belakang cubical saya. Saya tak peduli dia tapi dia suka main dia punya muzik. Muzik rock dan hip-hop yang buat saya tarak shiok. Mengapa? Kalau orang main muzik itu dengan certain level of volume, all saya dengar ialah itu bunyi macam orang ketuk at the wall. Celakak!!!! Saya sudah marah dia, request dia guna phone-telinga dan komplain kat boss....tapi babi ini tak henti-henti buat saya marah. Tapi hari ini.....boss saya suruh babi ini bungkus balik ke tempat lain di ofis. Muahahahahhahahahaaha!!! Gua berjaya tendang babi ini keluar dari tempat saya. Saya bukan jahat ok...tapi bila you nak kerja kat komputer tulis program, itu ketuk-ketuk sungguh irritating. Tapi hari ini.....manyak gembira....
Saya = 1 Babi = 0........muahhahahahahahhaha!!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ok....Movie Tag!!!! tag by Lilian to share my 5 fav movies of all time.(i think),sorry for the delay i do like these tagging as it gives me something to write about. Anyway....some honorable mentions of movies that i've considered putting in, among them....Back to the Future, Predator and Alien series, The Rock and a chinese movie The King of Masks.
Lets march on to my lists.

Shawshank Redemption!!! How could you not love this movie. I can watch it over and over and over again. The only reason i don't watch it too often is because it takes over 2 hours of my life. But when i channel surf and it happens to be on the air, i will surely take a look at it. :)

The Green Mile. Another gem from the writer of The Shawshank Redemption. The final scene with Mr.Jingles does put a tear in my eye. I know, i know....but hey....Purple D also got feeling you know. :p

Raise the Red Lantern. Absolutely one of the best pictures of all time. Surprise to see a chinese movie in the pickings leh? Gong Li did a fantastic job in acting and Zhang Yimou an excellent job in directing. If you hadn't seen it, you must see it.

Mr.Holland's Opus. I like this one because at its core, it tells how one person's life can touch so many.

ZOOLANDER!!!!! ZOOLANDER!!! ZOOLANDER!! Hhahahahaa......everyone i know hates it to death but i enjoy it to death. The sheer cheesiness and stupidity of it makes me laugh every damn time i see it. I know this movie was banned in Malaysia because it made fun of the Prime Minister but could you not laugh at male models. A must see in my book. Maybe i should pose the Blue Steel look one of these days for you all. :p

Alright....thats my lists and got no one to tagged. People i want to tag also kena tagged liao. Hisham and both kena tag this one already or not??

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My OtterBox

Ok...i've been swimming 3-4x a week and found it to be quite boring but in my quest to loose weight, i'll do whatever i can to keep my mind occupied while working out. So i got me one of these waterproof earphones.

Since i already got a iPod Nano, i went ahead and purchase an Otterbox. So does it work? Hell yeah!! i am swimming with my fav. tunes.....and noooo......boy band songs are not in my playlist. It actually work pretty well and i believe i swim much faster these days. So if you ever wanted to swim and have some music, this solution works. Here are some other pictures.

The front of the Otterbox with the iPod in it.

The back of it with the belt clip. I basically clip it to the back of my shorts and let the headphones run on the back so it don't get in my way.

iPod fits snuggly in the unit.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Freeze dried durians

Ok...went to an asian store a week ago, walking around the aisle and saw this.

At first i was dem skeptical about it. But since it was USD$2.19.....nevermind to try and see. Anyway, i didn't want to eat it in my office, so i waited till i get home. So as soon as i reach home, i quickly open up the package and tried it. Low and behold....tasted like the real thing. Taste wise, i would say that it tasted 100% like the real thing. This is how the dried ones look like.

Needless to say, the next day, i went back to the store and bought over USD$30 worth of dried durians. I did share with some office collegues and get interesting response from them. All in all, this is probably the next best thing to the real durians. As i type, i am gobbling down some and my breath smells like i just ate durians too. Hahhahahaha.....:p

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A bit quiet hooor.....

Sorry for not keeping up with this on a weekly basis. A bit quiet hoor.... I guess i am too damn lazy to write down anything these days. But since Hisham tag me, i will have to list out the 5 things that I believe the lot of you do not know about me. Of course i won't tell my deepest and darkest secrets, that one i'll tell my wife only haaa.... we go....

1) I sucked at accounting. During my college school days in Msia, i was the only fella that flunk my accounting. All the putting the transactions as credit and debit is not my cup of tea. But i did manage to pass it after i retake the test. Dem paiseh.

2) I am an early riser(No dirty thoughts here ok). I get up everyday at about 5.10am to get ready to go to work, but even on weekends, i end up getting up that early. When i tell my collegues that i get up that early in the morning, they just roll their eyes.

3) In all seriousness, i really don't like kids. Thats why i never think about marriage. I can't stand kids for long periods of time. 1 -5 hours maybe ok laaa...but more than that, beh tahan. Cute yes, annoying also yes.....and commitment scares the heck out of me. I think the thought that my wife will end up like Kg. Koh Ah Soh does not sink well with me.

4) I am responsible for the big write up in the newspaper in 91 about how prefects were elected in ACS. I think it caused quite a stir in school and that was one of my proudest moments in my life. But i did get busted though.

5) I do like some boy-bands songs. super secret out liao!!!

I got nobody to no need to tah hoor...:P