Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Got the Jesus Phone

Yesterday, getting the Iphone 3G was the last thing on my mind. Then all of a sudden, a email about IT policy that states that you tak boleh tengok anything outside of work and no webmail.....i told myself...."Screw It!!", actually i said more than screw it, as if i don't have my own ways to do what i want. Don't like to be told what i should or should not do. So just went ahead and got one of these babies!!! I got the 8G version and i have to say, there is a reason why its dubbed the Jesus phone. Love that thing. Facebook easily integrated into Iphone and 3G surfing speeds is quite good. Not as fast as my home broadband, but still pretty impressive for a wireless device. If you go to my facebook page, you can see a picture i uploaded(view from my office), using this phone. Facebook integrated into the phone, very nice!!! And oh...i have not forgotten about a superhero's meme from goatplanet.....:p